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Fluc Up Terms and Conditions
Section 12 of the General Terms and Conditions

12.1 The Fluc-Up Tool and any bets for which the Fluc-Up Tool is available are governed by these General Terms and Conditions for the Promotion in addition to the Terms of Use of the Account and Betting Platform and the Betting Rules.

12.2 NEDS may, at its sole discretion, make the Fluc-Up available to eligible customers for use on selected markets, events or bet types.

12.3 The Fluc-Up Tool is not available for use in conjunction with any other promotional offer or promotional tool.

12.4 The Fluc-Up Tool is only available for individual “win” bets. The “winning” portion of each bet is not eligible for use with the Fluc-Up tool.

12.5 The Fluc-Up Tool is not available for use on “Multiple Bets”, “Exotic Bets” or “Future Bets” as these terms are defined in the NEDS Betting Rules.

12.5 The maximum eligible bet that can be used with the Fluc-Up Tool is $500.00

12.6 The Fluc-Up Tool is only available for use in eligible Australian and New Zealand metropolitan races (thoroughbred gallopers, trotters and greyhounds).

12.7 The Fluc-Up tool is only available for bets placed on the Neds betting platform (either on the desktop version or using the Neds smartphone app) and is not available for bets placed over the phone.

12.8 The Fluc-Up Tool is only available once per race.

12.9 If the Fluc-Up Tool is available for use in conjunction with your Eligible Bet then:
(a) below your selection on your ‘Quick Slip’ you will see a Fluc-Up Tool button/icon;

(b) Once a bet on your selection has been accepted and appears on your bet, you will be able to use the Fluc-Up tool on your chosen runner by clicking on the ‘Fluc-Up’ button/icon (‘Fluc – Request Up’);

(c) Your fluc-up request must be made within 5 minutes of your bet being accepted, as indicated by the countdown timer displayed next to your selection on your bet (the “fluc-up activation period”);

(d) If your fluc-up request is made during the fluc-up activation period, then if the odds on your selected runner change at any time during the fluc-up activation period (in accordance with the market fluctuation data displayed on the Betting Platform), then the odds for your selection will automatically adjust to the next highest fluctuating odds for your selection from those current at the time the bet was placed, so if your selection is a result/winning bet and you will be paid out at that next highest fluctuating odds rather than the lower rate at which the bet was placed.

12.10 Your fluc-Up request will not be considered approved and processed by NEDS until you receive confirmation on your bet statement.

12.11 Once a fluc-up request has been submitted and processed, your fluc-up facility will be deemed to have been used up, notwithstanding that there is no market movement in the rate of your choice during the fluc-up activation period.

12.12 If there is a time-out or other occasional failure of your connection to the NEDS Betting Platform between the time you submit your fluc-up request and the time you receive confirmation that the fluc-up request has been accepted or rejected (“pending request ” ), you may not be able to use the Fluc-Up on another bet until such Pending Confirmation appears on your bet statement.

12.13 Each Eligible Customer will be allocated a fixed number of times they may use the Fluc-Up Tool in each 24 hour period at NEDS’ absolute discretion. Your allocated Fluc-Up usage quota is reset at midnight (AEST) each day and any unused quota for that day will expire and will not carry over to the next day.

12.14 You can only use the Fluc-Up Tool once per race. The Fluc-Up will be considered consumed and will not be available for use with any other bets on the day if there is a timeout or other occasional failure of your connection to the Neds betting platform between activations of the betting platform. The Fluc-Up tool for horse racing until it appears on your betting slip as applied to your bet.

12.15 NEDS reserves the right to change, suspend or remove the availability of Fluc-Up at any time.

12.16 NEDS reserves the right to void any bets placed using Fluc-Up if there has been a clear and obvious error on the part of NEDS and/or a breach of any of the Terms by the Customer.

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