FSB fulfills the corporate goal of becoming a pure B2B service provider

In a significant step for the FSB organization, we are pleased to announce the transformation of our business into a B2B only technology service provider.

FSB has launched a three-year plan to develop its business into a B2B software vendor operating model after securing a multimillion-dollar growth investment from private equity group Clairvest in 2019. This corporate target was achieved after the UK’s leading independent bookmaker JenningsBet became the end client to exit the FSB’s licensed B2C white label business.

This successful evolution comes at a time of rapid growth for FSB with market entry into the US with multiple partnerships formed in the newly regulated province of Ontario and a major Tier 1 WLA relationship in Europe through the Hungarian National Lottery supported by SZRT Slovakia.

Dave McDowell, FSB Chief Executive Officersaid: “The completion of our three-year journey to become a pure B2B gaming technology and service provider truly heralds a new era for us at FSB.

This transformation has been our ultimate goal since we secured a major investment from Clairvest in 2019, and over the last few years we have worked closely with our white partners as they secured independent banking facilities, successfully obtained their own remote business licenses and ultimately transitioned to take over their own regulatory responsibilities.

Our platform technology products, led by our award-winning multi-channel sportsbook, have been the foundation of our growth over the past 18 months and we now look forward to further expanding these trusted services across regulated markets in more global regions in the coming months and years. .

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