New York Jets Odds to make the playoffs different for hometown bettors

Published on: December 26, 2022, 01:37 am.

Last updated: December 26, 2022, 01:38.

Santa treated the New York Jets, New England Patriots, Las Vegas Raiders and Miami Dolphins pretty well all losing.

They now control their own playoff destiny to a point, because they need only one help: a loss to the New England Patriots at home next Sunday against Miami or at Buffalo in Week 18.

Sure, there’s the whole “Zach Wilson Is Useless” thing to sort out along the way. But the Jets can do their part to end the NFL’s longest postseason absence by winning at Seattle next Sunday (the streak opened Jets -2 and moved to Jets -1) and then winning at Miami in the season finale. Website gives Gang Green a 14% chance to make the postseason.

Draft Kings Sportsbook has the Jets listed at +500 to make the playoffs. As of Monday morning, Fan Duel, BetMGM, PointsBet, Caesars, WynnBet, BetRivers, Resorts World and BallyBet did not offer “Odds to Make Playoffs,” meaning DraftKings is the only licensed New York sportsbook that accepts that bet.

Across the border, it’s available at +900 at, and New Yorkers looking to get that more lucrative line will have to cross state lines and open an account in a neighboring state. Plus, they have to be big believers in Mike White’s healing powers or put their faith and money behind Chris Streveler, who was lifted from the practice squad and entered the 19-3 loss to Jacksonville after what Wilson endured this:

Why can’t New Yorkers get a +900 line?

In short, because New York has a seriously flawed sports gambling law, and changing it won’t be easy, as the co-chairman of the state gambling commission explained on this site. He promises to push for bettor-friendly changes after the state legislature convenes in Albany in January.

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But it’s also because most of New York’s nine sportsbooks aren’t creative enough with their offerings. They do this while targeting their ads to acquire new customers, which is a joke because almost everyone who wants to gamble already does. It’s time for the nine bookies to start making better offers to existing customers, and the first to realize it will finally see a much bigger slice of the New York revenue pie. This will end the year somewhere in the $14 billion range after launching in January.

As it is, New Yorkers cannot bet on the NFL or NBA MVP, the Cy Young Award winner, the Heisman Trophy winner, or any other award that is decided by human voters. To make these types of bets, New Yorkers must travel to neighboring states and open accounts there. If those bets are hit, the tax revenue goes to the state where the bet was placed.

And with the Gaming Commission set to focus on awarding three upstate casino licenses in January 2023, the chances of a quick change to the 10-year-old law are extraordinarily high. Maybe the bookies are just in awe of Jay-Z, who is in the mix for a Times Square casino, as we detailed last week.

You can tweet at the Gaming Commission and maybe it can be the start of a grassroots movement.

But do these bureaucrats even look at their Twitter? They haven’t tweeted since December 8 and have less than 4,000 followers.

Who thinks the jets will make the playoffs?

It’s Robert Saleh’s job to make every person in the Jets locker room believe that, and that will be a start. As for the betting public, DraftKings only saw 31% of the advance bets for next Sunday’s Jets-at-Seahawks game in New York, so Jets fans aren’t exactly tapping into that possibility.

The line is sure to move more throughout the week as we learn if White will be the quarterback if the doctors clear him. And if not, either Saleh goes with Wilson or Streveler, whose biggest claim to fame so far was leading the Winnipeg Blue Bombers to the 2019 Gray Cup, the Canadian Football League championship, in a title game that went in overtime.

Improbable finishes are part of the fabric of the sport, and it’s hard to imagine the Jets suddenly snapping out of their funk by ending a four-game losing streak and winning on the road in Seattle and Miami, especially after managing just 3 points in their time. Thursday night’s fiasco of a loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars. But then again, they beat Buffalo late last month.

Both the Seahawks and Dolphins have a lot on the line in terms of the postseason, with Seattle eighth in the NFC (but tied with the Packers and Lions) and Miami seventh in the East, a half-game behind the at the Chargers. in the Monday Night Football game against Indianapolis.

So it’s a touch, but it’s not impossible.

Just win twice and Jets Nation has the fate of football decide the rest. They are too young and too green (pun intended) to do much more. But for the dreamers, here are the odds from all nine New York sportsbooks on the Jets winning the AFC and the Jets winning the Super Bowl.


  • FanDuel +17000 to win AFC; +55000 to win the Super Bowl.
  • DraftKings: +10000 to win AFC; +25000 to win the Super Bowl.
  • BetMGM: +25000 to win AFC; +50000 to win the Super Bowl.
  • PointsBet: +15000 to win AFC; +30000 to win the Super Bowl.
  • Caesars: +20000 to win AFC; +40000 to win the Super Bowl.
  • BetRivers: +5500 to win AFC; +11000 to win the Super Bowl.
  • WynnBet: +7500 to win AFC; +15000 to win the SuperBowl.
  • ResortsWorld: Unavailable AFC: +30000 to win the Super Bowl.
  • BallyBet: Both bets are not available.

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