William Hill – Liverpool v Chelsea Boost

It’s Liverpool v Chelsea in the Premier League on Saturday, and you won’t want to miss this price increase from William Hill! They improved Mo Salah to have at least a 1/5 on target shot for a pretty good draw. Translated into combined bets, this gives us a potential profit of £3.37 and here’s how…

price increase

The price increase has a maximum stake of £10.00.

For a step-by-step explanation of how put on price increases, see my ‘Price Increases’ guide.

For this offer, Betfair’s largest user base makes them the best option. More markets and greater liquidity mean your put on bets are combined more easily.

  • 2% commission for all new signups

You can calculate your underlay bet using my Matched Bet Calculator. You just need to open the ‘Advanced‘ section and click the ‘ buttonunderlay‘ tab.

As you can see, the calculator tells you that your put on bet must be £10.53.

William Hill logo

Put £10.00 into ‘Salah to have at least 1 shot on target’ @ 2.00 = Potential Profit of £10.00

matchbox logo

Bet £10.53 on ‘Mohamed Salah to have 0.5+ shots on target’ @ 1.63 = £6.63 potential liability


Let’s look at your profit/loss for potential results.

Result William Hill Matchbox Loss of profit
Salah has a shot
on target
+ £10.00 – £6.63 £3.37 profit
salah does not have
one shot on target
– £10.00 + £10.00 £0.00

So, if Salah fails to register a shot on target, then you will draw and there will be no damage. However, if it hits the target, you profit £3.37 on this William Hill price increase!

If you prefer to make a smaller profit, you can simply use the ‘Pattern‘ on the calculator for a minimum profit of £2.02.

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